1. The website states that a JPEG compresses an image to make the file smaller. RAW files are not just images, they are large files filled with the image data as it was captured.
  2. RAW is definitely bigger.
  3. You can convert RAW to JPEG through Lightroom or Photoshop.
  4. If you are shooting for an important event, you would shoot in RAW for better detail images.

Shooting For Composition

100 Most Influential Images

Masters of Photography

I chose Watkins because I was going through and that one caught my eyes the most. I like landscape photos and I just find their photos really interesting. One of my favorites was taken in 1863. There is also a picture of Yosemite Falls from the bottom. I find this photographer the most interesting because the landscape photos were taken in the mid 1800s and they’re really beautiful for their time. They’re very detailed. The Washington Column is another really pretty landscape photo. The Golden Gate one is very detailed and very gorgeous. You can see a far distance from the place Watkins was standing. The cliff house was clearly taken at the beach and it shows very good composition because it shows the rule of thirds.

Surreal Collage

I didn’t have this as an original idea. My original idea was to put the roller coasters on top of an abandoned hospital but I couldn’t find any pictures of the hospital that I liked. I then thought about doing it under water. People canĀ  get really scared that they might hold their breath so what better way to do that than under water.