Portrait Photography Tips

Overcast days are the best days to do natural light portraits because on the soft and even light. When you take portraits on overcast days have the person look up a little or use something to reflect the light onto their face. The best way to take a portrait indoors on a sunny day is by a window with the subject facing the window. The atmosphere can have a lot to do with the photo as well. As long as the lighting is right, taking a photo of a person in a rainy atmosphere can be very nice. At a sunset hour your portrait photos could come out nice as well. Usually you could just keep it simple and use any soft and even light that is already in the room. Taking photos means to make it simple for the shoot and fix imperfections later. Contrast is very important when shooting portraits. Lamp light mixed with natural light can also make good lighting.

White Balance

White balance isn’t a common thing used by photographers. Sometimes when taking photos they look too orange or taking portraits the person comes out looking green or blue. When taking pictures under fluorescent lighting there can be a blue cast. There is a way to correct this. On the cameras there are different ways to adjust the white balance. On some there is a way to manually adjust the white balance. If the photo is too warm you would want to edit and add a cooler tone color to even it out. If the photo is too cool you should add a warmer tone color to even it out.

Collage about me

Ever since I was little I loved makeup. The bottom left corner shows makeup that I mostly use when I do glam makeup. I love the movies Cars and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I like to use my phone so I put my favorite apps which are music, tiktok, and Instagram. I like sunsets and I like taking pictures of the sky when it looks pretty. I like learning about the law of attraction.

I like crystals so I put a picture of a box of crystals. I like astrology and the chakras. I put a picture of a Leo zodiac because I’m a Leo. I like to learn about psychology and how the human brain works. I love iced coffee with caramel, it’s my favorite. My favorite things to eat are pasta, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, hot Cheetos, and fruit by the foot fruit roll ups.

My favorite things to do are take naps, take naps with my dog, reading a series of books called “After”, I love the twilight saga, I like shopping, and I love looking at the moon.